Gender identity proposal will create waves of negative waves

This letter is intended to be a comment on the pending regulation on gender identity currently being considered by the Department of Education. It is my concern that this regulation, though intended to have a positive effect on ALL school children and the education community, will have a very negative effect on the entire community. […]

Councilman Arlett: Why we want Right-To-Work in Sussex County

Seaford used to be called “The Nylon Capital of the World,” with a DuPont plant that employed more than 4,600 people. Today, it often seems that we’re the capital of missed opportunities and lost jobs. Employment growth in Delaware is essentially flat and has significantly lagged the national rate so far this year.  A recent […]

Letter: Right to Work proposal is totally wrong

Sussex County, Delaware is known as a place where hard working people have lived, toiled, and eventually prospered since the first immigrants from Europe set foot on this soil in 1637. I find it saddening that now we are seeing an effort to make that dream more difficult for our working families in 2017, and […]

To regulate or not? That is the question

Last time I reported to you about the activities of the Sussex County Economic Development Action Committee, I pointed out four areas in which Sussex County must improve if we are to sustain Sussex County as a “Place To Be.” Those areas included training, salary improvements, affordable housing and job opportunities.  Two other areas remain […]

IRSD’s Special Education Task Force Initiative an amazing journey

The Indian River School District is committed to providing the best possible support programs and services for students with disabilities in special education. As a board member, I was given a wonderful opportunity to serve as the chair of the Special Education Task Force this past school year. It was a unique and amazing journey […]

Monuments raise questions about racism

The Confederate monument on the grounds of the Georgetown Historical Society is a 9-foot obelisk inscribed with the confederate flag and the names of Delawareans who fought with the southern army. 25-foot flag poles flank it. One pole flies the Delaware flag and the other the Confederate flag with its 13 stars representing the 11 […]

That calculator app that’s not

As the start of school quickly approaches, parents are busy checking schedules, noting teacher’s names, purchasing school supplies, and any number of other preparations for the school year. However, there is one very important thing that many parents overlook- protecting their children from dangers posed by their own phones. Smartphones do provide valuable resources to […]

Suggestions that may help

Back in June, I hopefully provided some background information as to the Sussex County Economic Development Action Committee. With our diverse talent pool of volunteers whose work experience in economic development numbers well over 100 years, we have and will continue to bring jobs and businesses to Sussex County. But without your support our efforts […]

League of Women Voters issues annual report to Sussex County Council

As part of the League of Women Voters’ support for openness in government, its Observer Corps monitors the activities of governmental bodies for issues of importance to Sussex County and the League.  The Observer Corps of the League of Women Voters of Sussex County was organized in January of 2009. For the past eight years, […]

Reflecting on the session that was

The first half of the 149th General Assembly has been one of the most difficult legislative sessions I have experienced. We started the year with a gap between projected state revenues and expenditures of approximately $400 million.  That estimate improved somewhat as we approached the end of the fiscal year, but state lawmakers still faced […]