Gumboro trailer fire living proof smoke alarm education saves lives

Approximately three years ago the Department of Justice approached the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association regarding funding for smoke alarm installation in low-income neighborhoods across the State. As a result of a settlement with the Bank of America, the Department of Justice directed funds to the DVFA that was to be used by the Wake Up […]

Expanding high-speed Internet access will boost economic opportunity

Applying for a job or recruiting talented employees for your business. Taking a college course. Reading a book. Helping your kids with math homework. More and more, these are tasks that Delawareans are completing online — to further their education, acquire new skills, and compete in an economy that is evolving every day. My most important job […]

Honor the fallen by doing our job

During the American Revolution community newspapers in the embryonic country bound citizens together with provocative editorials and news of the day as citizens rose up to break free of the tyranny of a King. Many newspapers published the Declaration of Independence and helped to popularize the founding principles of our nascent country. The Tories saw […]

Lopez: Beau Biden Act best solution to reducing gun violence

Dear Friends, Since my first election to office in 2012, I have co-sponsored and voted for multiple pieces of legislation addressing gun violence before us in the Delaware General Assembly. The vast majority of measures were ones that I strongly supported and cast votes to that accord. With much of the current debate revolving around […]

House Bill 270 makes sense, but what about the polluters?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am writing you these comments since I will not be able to attend the Hearing on HB-270. Where I live in Millsboro is a little-known burb known as Possum Point.  We have been fighting for clean water here in Sussex County since 2013, long before HB-270 was in existence. No one […]

Delaware Farm Bureau supports Allen Harim conversion plan

Delaware Farm Bureau has represented Delaware Agriculture for the past 74 years. Our mission is simply to promote and protect Delaware Agriculture through education and advocacy to ensure a quality of life for farmers and their consumers. Delaware Agriculture is an $8 billion industry. In 2015, total value of poultry raised was $946,342,000.  Delaware ranked […]

Apologies offered for unintended hurtful remarks

From the bottom of my heart, I offer my deepest apologies that some of what I said before the Indian River School Board on Monday, February 26, 2018 hurt former band members and boosters. That most certainly was not my intention in any way. As I said that night, I have been a Band Booster […]

Warning: Get ready for the financial ride of your life

“Warning!  Fasten your seatbelt!  You are about to experience a bumpy ride and potential financial turbulence as a result of heroic efforts to save your life.” This is a Call to Action alert that Delawareans should be made aware of. Delaware has an excellent 9-1-1 and Emergency Medical System that we rely on 24 hours […]

Right to work passage would give Sussex County much-needed business boost

Born and raised my entire life and started two businesses here in Sussex County, I would like to offer my opinion of the Right to Work (RTW) ordinance that was turned down. I also served on the county council 20 years and was privileged to be president about 12 of those years. Forget the legality […]

Gender identity proposal will create waves of negative waves

This letter is intended to be a comment on the pending regulation on gender identity currently being considered by the Department of Education. It is my concern that this regulation, though intended to have a positive effect on ALL school children and the education community, will have a very negative effect on the entire community. […]